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Bagage, 2021

The audio and electronic art center Avatar gave Guillaume Côté and myself free rein for a creative residency in a heritage house. In the context of the exhibition Girardin raconte, we were inspired by the three hundred year old house, its history, its sounds, its objects.

Old houses are the most talkative; as if they had as much to say as their inhabitants, you only have to listen to hear their wooden bones creak or what their stonework says. Perhaps these are the memories they accumulate and cannot help but share.

Objets partiellement distinguables proposes a shift towards a dreamlike universe on the borders of abstraction and figuration. Using photogrammetry, we transposed a 3D rendering of the period objects belonging to the house onto acrylic plates. The transmutation then becomes the tipping point where the techniques specific to digital media come to life, offering the viewer a second look at the material heritage of Beauport.

Crédits photo : Nathalie LeBlanc

Exposition collective et laboratoire - Satellite Manif d'art 9, Réacteur, Québec, 2019

Salle 2e étage : Baron Lanteigne, Marie-Hélène Doré, Anne Plourde

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