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Artistic Approach

Artist in visual arts, Nathalie LeBlanc creates video montages and collages by modifying images, sounds and objects. She alters photographs, movie sequences, images taken from webcams, reproductions or her own recordings. Her work is motivated by a desire to investigate that of grasping, of reworking and exhausting the content or the form of a moment. By different processes of transformation and using systems based on random chance, she reworks the object of her experimentations with the expectation of diverting it.


Her videos have been part of multiple collective exhibitions in Québec, Montréal and Toronto, and a solo exhibition at Avatar (2016). She participated in “Espaces en pratique”, a creation residency organized jointly by l’Oeil de poisson and Vu photo (2017). Recently, she has received a creation bursary from Première Ovation – art multi (2018) and has presented a video installation at the double/doubles satellite exhibition at the Mois Multi (2019).

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