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Vidéo-parc, 2016

Vidéo-parc is a video and audio piece, inspired by the unusual form of the drive-in theater. Immobile in a vehicle made for transportation, stationary in front of a screen in the middle of nowhere, the drive-in theater diverts its function and the contemplative aspect of the landscape.


The work revisits this stereotypical north-American pastime to provoke a superimposition of fake and real place, creating a mise en abîme. The video and the recorded sounds are composed of recordings done at the site of the installation.


The audio content was broadcasted, live, by the CKRL radio station, during their show La Croche Oreille.

Photo credit : Marion Gotti

Vacant lot, Pointe-aux-lièvres street, Quebec city, 2016

With the support of Première Ovation

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