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Dummy Interface, 2019

Dummy Interface is a video installation, comprised of rebroadcasted and livestreamed images. The name of this project is derived from a line in the programming code that is used to start the program, announcing that the virtual network as been successfully created. On three screens, the stark and contrasted neon light is magnified into a mysterious, luminous halo. A miniature camera, with automatic recalibration, feeds into a low-quality stream. Intermittently, every jolt felt by the camera is translated into an array of luminous trails.


The installation plays upon its own imperfections: over exposition, limited control, intermittent protocol. With a glitch aesthetic, the image degrades into pixelated zones. The limiting parameters transforms the mundane image of a neon light into an elusive manifestation, fluctuating between clear and unclear. With these constraints, Dummy Interface creates the impression of an image that seems to crumble.

Photo credit : Marion Gotti

double/doubles, satellite exhibition Mois Multi, 644 St-Joseph, Québec, 2019

Carol-Ann Belzil-Normand, Sarah Booth, Delphine Egesborg, Delphine Hébert-Marcoux, Marie-Soleil Fortier

Commissaires : Delphine Egesborg et Charlotte Boisver-Simard

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