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Sans Titre, 2017

Lain on a windowsill in the Méduse complex in Quebec City, a camera used time-lapse recording to record the Saint-Roch neighborhood. The reflection of passersby and the cars in the streets is superimposed on the point of view.


In the installation, the suspended photography shows the first image taken. The completed sequence is projected on this first image and the superimposition blends the fields of view of the landscape.


The alignment between the fixed image and its projected double varies slightly when the screen shifts to the passage of visitors and creates a three-dimensional effect.


The sound, also recorded in time-lapse, showcases the surrounding background noise of the makeshift studio held in the gallery some weeks before.

Photo credit : Hubert Gaudreau

Espaces en pratique, Oeil de Poisson and VU Photo, 2017

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