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Première prise, 2019

Première prise is an audio work using a repeating, evolving cycle. Combining field recording and computer-assisted creation, two audio signals are cut and mixed in real time. Discreetly, the recording of a rainy forest hike is defragmented over its length, intercut with the sounds recorded by a hidden microphone. The sound of constant raindrops is interspersed with the sound of the noises made by the soundmen and the presence of mundane sounds underlines an alteration that clouds our listening. A strange feeling of discontinuity and continuity emerges as we listen to the soundtrack and highlights the minute changes to the audio environment.

Exposition collective et laboratoire - Satellite Manif d'art 9, Réacteur, Québec, 2019

Salle 2e étage : Baron Lanteigne, Marie-Hélène Doré, Anne Plourde

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