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Cet objet dans l'espace, 2018

Cet objet dans l'espace is a video and audio installation inspired by the presence of an unmovable industrial object present in the exhibition area. This project examines the object to question its use and aestheticism.

The sound of the pump when operating vibrates the two metal rods upon which transductors are mounted and underlines the sculptural aspect of the piece.

In an adjacent room, the rear-projected image shows the two simultaneous points of view of the object. The slight shifting of the video is caused by the movements of the metal rods.

Photo credit : Marion Gotti

Sortie de pièces, self-presented group exhibition, 783 St-Joseph à Québec, 2018

Julie Bellavance, Annie Charland Thibodeau, Olivier DeSerres, Delphine Egesborg, Vincent Fournier, Nathalie LeBlanc, Pascale LeBlanc Lavigne, Jean Michel René et Sarah Thibault

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