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Données flottantes, 2021 (in progress)

Données flottantes is the first duo project of artists Marion Gotti and Nathalie LeBlanc. The project consists of experimenting with photographic and sound files to address the notion of perfectibility. We explore the two mediums with the same hypothesis: that of preserving only the defects of a capture.

This research wants to make palpable and manifest the undesirable matters; data that we do not consider as faults. We reveal the presence of these imperfections in order to transpose them from an abstract value to a poetic and sensitive matter.

Our interest is focused on the errors generated because these parasites are all the more elusive as they are often invisible. By bringing to light the transitory state of these materials, our exploration makes tangible the singular experience of digital time; a time constituted by the accumulation of traces left by the human and the machine.


Photo credit : Marion Gotti

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